Hope’s Salvation Story

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  A few of you have already responded with your personal story on how you were saved.  I’m eager to hear from more of you!  You can reach me by email at see   hope    @     comcast.     net   and we’ll get your salvation testimony posted here soon!

I promised I would go first.  I grew up listening to people give fantastic stories of being on drugs, alcohol, abused as a child, and God met them.  I used to wonder if I had a testimony at all!  As an adult I realize that being loved and nurtured in a Christian home is a grand testimony, too.  And that’s the story I want to give you here.

Because I was raised in a Christian home and my childhood days were some of the most vivid colorful experiences in God that I can remember.

When I was three and four years of age my father came home in the afternoon and I always zoomed over to the door and wildly hugged him, pulling him to the couch saying, “Come on, Daddy, let’s talk about important things.”

Dad admitted being tired and not always up to my big discussions. My mother often told me, “Sis, let your father get in the door first.”   Yet these times were the delight of his heart and even in my adult years he’d ask me over the phone once in a while, “Well, Sis, do you want to come over and talk about important things?”  Then he’d laugh warmly.

My parents and Sunday School teachers always talked about getting saved when I was three and four years of age.  I remember thinking, “If getting saved is so great and going to hell is so awful, how come nobody’s asked me if I’m saved yet?”

I honestly began to think that no one really cared a whole lot about me.  I was frustrated with the adults in my world who made general appeals but never looked me in the eye and invited me to come to Jesus.  I waited and waited and waited for someone to ask me personally if I wanted to get saved.  No one ever did.

Finally, I asked my mom if I could get saved.  I remember feeling agitated that she wanted me to wait until my dad came home so he could pray with us, too.

I thought, “Boy, I’m never going to get saved.”  (Dad may as well have been coming next month.  An hour or two seems like a month or two to a little child.)

When Mom saw how eager I was, she knelt together with me and prayed with me at the couch.  I remember I looked back and saw my grandmother, who lived with us, smiling affectionately at the scene before her.  I was a happy girl!


About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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5 Responses to Hope’s Salvation Story

  1. Larry Who says:

    “… As an adult I realize that being loved and nurtured in a Christian home is a grand testimony, too…”

    To me, this is the testimony more of us in America should have, but sadly, we don’t. We need godly families.


  2. One thing is for sure, Larry–it’s getting harder to sit on the fence. In the last two decades, wickedness has increased like never before. What am I saying? In the last two YEARS wickedness has increased like never before. A few weeks ago I was honored to hear a pastor in his 80’s, Pastor Don Finto (pastored Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant and others). He said that the good news is that wickedness will increase more and more in these last days, but as wickedness increases, so will righteousness. In the end there will be two harvesting angels–one to reap the wicked and one to reap the righteous. No wonder the Father wants us to lift up the cross!


  3. Larry Who says:

    I’ve been to Belmont Church in Nashville when Don Finto preached the message, but I didn’t know Michael Smith and Amy Grant attended there. I did know Jim Goll, an author of many books, went there.


  4. Yes, that’s the same church. James Gohl was at my church a few weeks ago and invited Don to be a part of his prayer storm conference.


    • Larry Who says:

      Jim Goll and laid next to each other on the floor after Bonnie Chavda prayed for us to write books. So far, Jim’s season for writing has been ahead of mine.

      Small world, isn’t it?


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