Failure or Fire?

Last week I began counting my looong list of failures.  And believe me, I needed extra paper to document all of them.  I saw things falling apart around me on all levels and I revisited the decisions I made previously, and searched my heart for any inkling of disobedience, pride, or sin.  I repented where I felt his conviction.  Then I prayed, “God, all I see is failure on every side.  I don’t know what to think.”

The Lord whispered to me, “You’re not in a failure, you’re in a fire.”

Ah, fire.  The kind that burns the stubble and leaves the stones.  The kind that inches its way into your thought life until you are left with nothing but humility and faith.  The kind of fire that burns high when my husband and I join hands on the couch and pray through, searching our hearts.  The kind of fire that burns up the fluffy stuff and leaves behind an altar where we cry out, “Here we are God, a living sacrifice!  Take us!”fiery sword

I can only pray the fire spreads.  More than a century ago, William and Catherine Booth cried out to God, “SEND THE FIRE!  SEND THE FIRE!”  Revival swept England, and that fire still flames today in Salvation Army stations around the world.

Are we ready for a revival of repentance?  Are we ready for a revival that brings each heart to the cross, laid bare, open, and ready for service?  No one sings this song like Lindell Cooley.  Let’s join these saints who wrote this song and lifted their hearts in the 1800’s and cry out, “Send the Fire!!  Send the Fire Today!”

About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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3 Responses to Failure or Fire?

  1. Larry Who says:

    Send the fire today. Yes Lord!


  2. OKAY! We have an AMEN CORNER going on here! Shout it out Larry & Jo Ann! SEND THE FIRE!!


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