The Hallmark of History

The cross is the hallmark of history.  All words written from Genesis to Malachi (the Old Testament in the Bible) pointed the coming Messiah and his outstretched body sacrificed on a cross.  Every bloody lamb on a Jewish altar pointed to the coming Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world.  Every feast celebrated the fact that the Deliverer, the Messiah, was coming.

"Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision (Joel 3:13 KJV)."

And the Deliverer came! Through a virgin birth the Messiah entered into his own creation, now corrupted by sin! Jesus the Deliverer said, “If I am lifted up (on the cross), I will draw all people to me.” And, “Whoever believes in me will have eternal life.”

This is the gospel. This cross is the power of God brought down to rescue his human family.cross-istock_000011455820small-2.jpg

“If I be lifted up from the earth,I will draw all people unto me.”.


About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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