Hear Billy Graham on My Hope America Now

Would you like to hear 94-yDr. Billy Grahamear-old Billy Graham talk about My Hope America?  Click on this picture and this link now!   http://www.billygraham.org/TVSpecial/tv_index.asp?BA=2667&SOURCE=BT000YGGS&gclid=CMSK5f7RjrkCFQee4Aodp3gAgw

It’s rather simple to invite a few people into your home in November to watchimages Billy Graham.  I’ve been praying for a couple neighbors and I’d like to invite them–at least I’m thinking about it!  Ask God if there’s someone you should invite into your home this November. For more information click here: http://myhopewithbillygraham.org/individuals/sign-up/    Signup is free!  Let’s lift Jesus’ cross together!

About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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