Hope Interviews Modern Day Revivalist

Today I’d like to introduce you to a man from eastern Pennsylvania who travails in tears,godseye fasting, and prayer for revival and LOVES IT.  I think that Christians who do not have a great passion for intercession, fasting, and “weeping before the porch and altar” may perceive that such Christians are bent over and sad and burdened.  Not so!  After such burdens are released in prayer, the joy of God’s passion and presence fill the intercessor.  Personally, I think these people look like light bulbs! 

I met Brian Due at a Revival Prayer Summit a few months ago.  Brian carries a deep burden for revival, so I wanted to introduce you to him and give you the opportunity to hear his heart.  If you want a REAL treat–friend him on Facebook.  Brian continually posts revival pictures and quotes!  (I’m sharing a few of Brian’s pictures here throughout this interview).

Now for the interview:

  • Brian, welcome to Lift Jesus’ Cross blog.  I’ve seen you in travail and weeping for revival.  I see that you write about revival on your Facebook Wall continually.  What got you started in going after revival with such fervency?

brian picI’ve had the gift of travail since I was saved in 1976. But as far as revival, when I married my late wife in 1981 we dedicated ourselves to do whatever God wanted us to do for revival. We went throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and parts of New York ministering in prayer meetings, public meetings, churches, Bible studies and wherever and whoever would receive us for 30 years.

My late wife Zackie (my nickname for her because she was short like Zacchaeus and would climb any tree for Jesus!) was the anointed preacher. I was the one in the back of the room crying for the meetings.  Eighteen months ago that all changed when she went home to be with the Lord and her personal revival had arrived.

I was then left with, “Now what, Lord?”

In the depths of my grief, I travailed deeper than ever before and touched the very heart of God, crying and travailing so deeply that no words were coming out of my mouth and the pain so deep I was curled up in a fetal position on the floor for 15 minutes.

My Gethsemane had come.

I felt the Father’s pain for His children. He told me He was crying so deeply because he wanted to send His Son Jesus and gather up His children, but that He could not come because He would have to consume billions of people who never heard of Jesus or have seen His works.

He then asked me if I wanted to be a spectator or a participant in the greatheart fire awakening and revival that He was going to send to turn the hearts of the people back unto Him. I told Him that I wanted to be a participant and from that moment on He changed my spiritual DNA to want nothing but revival at all cost.

He then called me full-time for revival and I retired from my job of 35 years and my career in information technology of 42 years.

He’s placed the vision in my heart to travail and cry out to him to bring this great revival into being. Much like the travail of Elijah on the mountaintop crying out for rain until he saw the hand of God above the sea in a little cloud.

  • What exactly are you praying for? 

Almost every prayer starts off in this manner. I pray that the Holy Spirit totally possesses me that there is no more of me left. I then pray and yield my members over to the Holy Spirit that He would pray His will into the earth for this revival. I give Him the right to interrupt me at any time to pray and to travail for His revival and for His will to be done. That means while I’m in the bathroom, shaving, taking a shower, eating, talking on the phone, driving, sleeping or any other function of life in any place public or private.

  • What do you ask God to do?

Many times under the Holy Spirit I ask Him to bring me into the heart of the Father through Jesus to be able to pray His will as I feel His heart speak to me. Many times I pray for God through the Holy Spirit to bring us to be one in Jesus as He declared in John 17.godseye

I have felt the Father weep for his children, Jesus crying out in deep travailing intercession for his children to come back onto Him and the Holy Spirit sobbing in great sobbing tears for those who don’t know Him or care to even be with Him.

Many times I cry out for Him to send the fire, the Holy fire. For the King of Glory to come in and for His holy revival Glory to roll in like a Tsunami and cover the earth as the waters of the sea.

  • Is God calling you to preach to Christians or the lost? 

God has called me to preach revival to 110 million people in eastern United States and Canada. My call is to feed the sheep and to feed the lambs. It’s one of a fire-starter–to be so possessed with the Spirit of God that it becomes a fire in the hearts of all those who hear his voice. That can be Christians, lost Christians and unsaved.

  • How is harvest connected to revival in the church?
It was always the job of the Holy Spirit to gather the school of fish and to bring them within the fisherman's net to be harvested.

It was always the job of the Holy Spirit to gather the school of fish and to bring them within the fisherman’s net to be harvested.

The harvest is connected in this way to revival. Jesus called mostly fisherman. His three inner circle followers were all fisherman. At the end after his resurrection seven of the remaining 11 were out fishing instead of waiting for the promise.

The revival message by the Holy Spirit is to allow us to totally give our heart to Jesus and follow Him so that we can become fishers of men. It’s our response to Jesus to again climb in the boat with him.  It was always the job of the Holy Spirit to gather the school of fish and to bring them within the fisherman’s net to be harvested.  Once the body of Christ is revived in the full power of the Holy Spirit, then He will bring the harvest into the nets. This time the body will be able to drag them ashore because the boat won’t be big enough to hold them all.

About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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14 Responses to Hope Interviews Modern Day Revivalist

  1. Larry Who says:

    God bless Brian and his ministry.


  2. Amen. There are a precious few saints on this blog, some who email me personally rather than post here, who are the “real deal” when it comes to praying in revival and a great awakening. The end result is quite the “motherload” of fish in our nets. What surprises me is how many people don’t pray for this, for one reason or another. God help us all to latch on to your travail for our generation.


    • Laurie Harding says:

      I have known Brian and his late wife, Maureen, for almost 25 years now. They are the “real deal.” Never have I known such sincere Christians … whose whole lives (and death) are dedicated unto the Lord. It is a honor to know them.


  3. paintaloosa says:

    Great job painting a picture of passionate prayer. Love the chance to see inside his prayer closet.


    • Bless you for the value you place in the prayer closet, Paintaloosa. Brian’s inspiring others, too, as an advisor to eastern Pennsylvania Aglows. He leads and advises by showing up early for meetings and praying his heart out. God bless you Brian.


      • Laurie Harding says:

        Amen! That’s how I met Brian’s late wife, Maureen.
        She was always the first one in the room … praying!


      • Brian Due says:

        Hope, I take my call of God very seriously. One day I’m going to have to give an account of what happened with those 110 million people. If the body of Christ would think on giving an account of what God told them to do then we would be in revival continuously. I’m not talking about a relationship based only on our works but showing true love to the Father is obedience to His will.
        Just for the record, salvation is only through the completed works of Jesus Christ on the cross. And by his shed blood Jesus has now become my / our mercy seat. Thank you Jesus !!


    • Brian Due says:

      Paintaloosa, my prayer closet is pretty big. That is, it’s anyplace or anywhere that I am. I have allowed the Holy Spirit full rights to pray through me at anytime and anywhere His will into the earth.


  4. Betty Wolfe says:

    I met Brian and Zackie about 16 years ago and was so impressed with their ministry. I was sooooo hungry for the things of the Spirit. Holy Spirit “ALWAYS” showed up at their conferences. As Brian said, he was always in the background travailing while Zackie ministered and since she is now in “Glory” God is using Brian in a mighty way. I consider Brian not only a Brother in Christ, but a “Brother” and “Friend.” To me, Brian is representative of Jesus with skin on.


  5. Donna Stratton says:

    I have known Brian and Zackie for about 12+ years and have seen this to be their hearts cry. Now God has taken Brian, a faithful and yielded vessel to His Spirit and moved him out from the tent into moving God’s people into the Promise Land.
    Join in and pray the Father’s Heart!
    Let Revival come in JESUS name.


  6. Brian, it seems that the Lord wanted to encourage your heart through posting this interview. I didn’t plan it that way but just obeyed God. We are all encouraged to find one another at the foot of the cross, lifting the cross to a lost world and praying out the Father’s desire that all will come to Him and be a part of his family dynasty. Hallelujah to God for the sons and daughters of the King! may he find us all glorious within as we actively proclaim Him to the people He loves in our communities.


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