The Lamb with the Purple Collar

I had a dream.  I saw a crowd of people mingling around.  At first we were in a gymnasium but later everyone meandered outside for an event of some sort near a platform or stage.  I was a watcher in the dream, not really a part of the crowd, but I could see all that was going on.

A fluffy white lamb was suddenly there among the people who milled around below the lamb facestage.  The lamb was not a newborn, but very fluffy and spotless and beautiful.  Someone spotted the lamb and several people in charge picked up the lamb and carried him to the stage. Just before they put the lamb on the stage, someone said he needed a crown.

I was shocked when the “crown” that this person presented to the leaders was actually a purple collar!  I thought, What kind of crown is that?

The lamb was hoisted up onto the stage. There was no lack of love for this lamb.  He was like the special guest and people gathered around.  People from the crowd and closest to the stage gave the lamb all kinds of attention.  The lamb didn’t appear to be interested or connected with their intentions, so someone put a leash on the purple collar of the lamb and pulled it toward center stage.  The lamb did not cooperate willingly, but was pulled in one direction by the man with the leash.  Suddenly, another person put a leash on the lamb and pulled the lamb in another direction.  There were 3 or 4 leashes on this poor lamb’s “crown” (purple collar) within minutes, and each person was pulling the lamb this way and that way in an effort to get him to cooperate and go their direction.

Someone finally got the beautiful white lamb off the stage, took off the “crown”, and let him go his own way.  The lamb left.  I woke up.

What do you think this dream means, if anything?

About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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21 Responses to The Lamb with the Purple Collar

  1. Seems like a sadly fair picture of ‘religion.’ Liking the lamb with His royal markings is easy when you can pull him around to your dictates. The resurrected lamb of Revelation is not so ‘pretty, sweet or amenable’ to our dictates. I often think how many times Jesus has wept to see His name on something totally contrary to His nature.


  2. Insightful, Billie Jo. When you said, “royal markings” I thought about the scars in his hands and feet. The scars were not visible–the lamb was so fluffy and cuddly . . . maybe they were there and I couldn’t see them? I’m not sure. And I like the title, “The Lamb of Revelation”. Whew. Gives me chills. Thank you for pausing in your day to offer further thoughts on this.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    It’s like we’re all trying pull Jesus around by His crown.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    When we stop trying to drag him in the direction we want to go and let him go His way, we can follow.

    Whole different story…


  4. Larry Who says:

    When I read your dream, I figured it sounded like most of us believers because we want Jesus on a leash and as our pet. We love tame, house-broken, nice Jesus. He’s so cuddly and cute in His crib on Christmas morning and even not very threatening to us on a crucifix because He’s nailed down.

    But in your dream, the lamb left, which gives me chills.

    Soon, that same lamb will return as Faithful and True, Word of God, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. I hope we believers are ready for the return of the Lamb.


  5. OK, I was brushing my teeth (of all things!) and I had this thought (listen for the “Kk” sounds):
    The KING deserves a CROWN but
    The people COLLARED Him because
    They wanted to CONTROL Him.
    The worst thing about this is that the people are deceiving themselves and convincing themselves that they’ve let the KING be in CONTROL.
    I’m wondering if fear is a major motivating factor in giving the Lamb a collar instead of a crown?
    Just thinking . . . I don’t want to get too heavy here.


  6. Bill Tomford says:

    God help us !


  7. pascarol says:

    The dream certainly has something to say. It seems to be Jesus, but under control of people. It reminds me of when God’s people insisted on an earthly king and God gave them Saul. Humans have to have control, just as the serpent conned Adam and Eve as they ate the forbidden fruit. It seems that A King is more desired than THE King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We can control that and put it on display on center stage and make him perform. Jesus, however, would much rather be out among His people, unfettered. It is what He shows us in His ministry in the scriptures…out and about, interacting freely as He was led. The part of the dream that intrigued me most, was that someone led the perfect lamb off stage, removed the crown and set Him free. Now who is that? Is it the Holy Spirit or a real person? Or is it the silent Christian majority that sits quietly watching what goes on onstage. Or………?


    • I hadn’t even thought of that, Pascarol. It was the Lamb’s decision to get off the stage but I’m not sure who helped him. And I never thought that maybe he didn’t want to be up there at all. You’re “bending my brain” so to speak here. Great insight.


  8. Brian Due says:

    I have a totally different insight on this. To me this is a scene from the coming revival and great awakening. This is a gymnasium where a revival is being held And flaming hot Christians are being produced which are the little lambs of God. Bright shiny fluffy young lambs of Jesus on Fire for Him in their new experience of devine holy fire.
    These holy young lambs are now put on stage because of their testimony and their newfound glory in Jesus. They should be given a purple crown of Jesus’s royal Family of the King’s blood line. But instead they are given a collar and drug in every direction to the will of the church instead of the will of the Father.
    Those with wisdom free the Little lambs from the collor so they can go on their journey and learn to grow up and be sheep.

    This happen in the Welsh revival 1904. Young hot converts were brought to other parts of England by church leaders because they thought they could carry the revival there.
    They were put in positions of leadership that were beyond their experiences. These hot converts were soon discouraged and had to return back to Wales.

    But the little lambs were not grounded in the word of God and after their testimony they could not move on in the deeper things of God because they were just lambs they were not sheep.

    Let this be a warning. don’t take pure hot fluffy lambs and try to pull them and drag them in directions the Holy Spirit does not want them to go. The beautiful lambs need to grow up to become strong!


    • You’re right, Brian, that’s a totally different take on the dream. I’m intrigued. The Bible says that open rebuke is better than love that is concealed. I read yesterday that Pastor Bill Johnson for the first time openly rebuked a young man who had attended his school if ministry. Chances are that young man was out on stage too quickly and was not mature enough to handle the message or the audiences. I’m learning so much from everyone on this particular dream. Thanks everyone!


      • Brian Due says:

        There’s a lesson out there for all the newly hot on fire Christians who want to rush off and start their ministry ahead of the Holy Spirit. It takes time and there is a curing time in the Holy Spirit before he brings you into your full destiny.
        Joseph in Egypt had to go through being in prison and many other trials and be proven no matter what circumstance he was put. Even tested, would he bow in his position to corruption instead he chose righteousness and went to jail. When the call finally came he was finally ready to move into his destiny and never wavered from it.

        Even the great apostle Paul, after he saw the vision of Jesus and his great testimony even to the point of death, went off and did no ministry for three years waited on the Lord until Barnabas came and brought him to Antioch.

        The Lord is going to greatly use the young people but they are really crying out for the older generation of wisdom in the Lord to give them guidance and to share our faith and experiences with them.

        I’m crying out to God in travail that the older generation does not slumber off into retirement. That they again dust off their swords and strap them on to again enter the battle. For they are sorely needed in the time ahead.
        Many are called but few are chosen.


  9. I’ve met so few “hot on fire” young Christians the last few years, that I’d welcome the sight of any one of them! Thankfully, my son is counted in their number right now. But I read an online Christian magazine that posed the question, “Why is the older generation of Christians following the younger generation?”
    First, the article didn’t imply that all older Christians were following younger believers. But for those who are letting the younger lead the way I think that can happen for several reasons:
    1. They once had a vision for their lives but have lost hope (And Larry Who, I KNOW you have something to say about what you call the old geezer generation, so please jump in!)
    2. They are intimidated by the nonstop advances in technology. (Honestly, if we look at what’s happened to our purchases and listening to worship music alone, it’s overwhelming).
    3. They are tired
    4. They are RE-tired at heart and would rather tinker with hobbies or shop or play with grandchildren, with little or no passion for God anymore.

    How many times have we heard seniors state, “It ain’t easy gettin’ old.”

    Of course, now I’m steering off the topic a bit. Great input!


    • Larry Who says:

      The problem with most of my generation is that we really haven’t done much, except earn money. So, unless there is a move of God among us geezers, our generation will be passed by the Lord, which could mess up some of His plans. Let’s pray that the Lord moves among the Baby Boomers and that we respond to His wooing.


      • Larry Who, so glad you jumped in here. First, I want to include the link to your online fiction “book” titled “Unhinged Geezer” that is not yet complete (so not really a book YET) at Larry, I know you are writing and praying into God’s plan for this generation, so you certainly are not messing up. I guess you’re watching others around you who are missing God’s best? and YES! May we all respond to His wooing.
        I also want to jump in with a different peek/perspective at the over 60 generation. My mother is 77 and she runs circles around me ministering to people. She teaches public school children in an after school Bible club in our area every Thursday. She preaches/teaches to elderly in two nursing homes 3 out of 4 Sundays a month. She leads Bible studies and visits the sick and shut ins. If someone in her senior apartment complex needs a helping hand, she’s right there. I see God use her right and left, and I hope to run my race as well when I’m in my 70s.
        I remember exactly what my dad said when he walked into his 70th birthday party:
        “I told the Lord if He gives me 10 more years, I’ll serve him until my last breath.”
        Yep, my parents are my HEROES!
        So Larry, what do you suggest people do if they’ve lost that fire and fervency they once had for God or perhaps feel they’re too old for God to do much more with their lives?


      • Brian Due says:

        When I would 63 last year Lord had me retire and go full time so I could preach revival. He is reconfigured my spiritual DNA and my physical body. I have lost over 55 pounds now in the last 18 months and because of it had been cured of most of my elements and almost finished with all my medications being removed. Just had a sleep study and now have been here to sleep apniea praise Jesus!

        The Lord is looking for the older generation who want to be players and participants and not just spectators. To those who are willing to drink the cup for this revival he will grant them the spirit of Caleb and Joshua.

        About the refiring (revival) of the seniors or the boomer generation, the Lord says it’s easier to start a fire in charcoaled wood then green wood.


      • Brian, may Jesus find us flowing together as one beautiful bride!

        Sent from my iPhone



  10. Larry Who says:

    Whatever any of us do for the Lord, it’s because of His grace. So, if our fires are burning lower and lower, we can march boldly to the throne of grace and ask for more mercy and grace to help us in our times of need (Hebrews 4:16).

    Wow! Your mom is a blessing. She runs circles around me, too.


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