To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross”

To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross”

imagesThose are the words an ISIS leader wrote in a message to Christians around the world and to the United States. But more on that later.

First, I want to greet you with love and faith for all that God is going to do through your life in 2016!

Are you ready to celebrate a NEW YEAR in Jesus? I hope so!

What a joy to celebrate the birthday of our best friend, Jesus! I was so Christmas 2015 Judah 2delighted to come downstairs to our kitchen one morning and sleepily discover that our kitchen had been secretly decorated overnight as we slept! Our youngest is eighteen years old and she surprised us by decorating our Coca Cola kitchen. Yep, that was fun! And she inspired me to keep going with the decorations.

We have a lot of extended family, so let’s just say we crammed one Christmas into FOUR days of celebrations instead of one!


I’ve not used family pictures in some time, especially pictures of the little ones. Some people wonder why I don’t post family pictures on Facebook, and I stopped posting them here on the cross blog. Long before ISIS came on the scene, my websites and blogs, posts and books were being followed and watched by a few people within the Chinese government. In fact, my publishing website was hacked into and sister websites lost money and commerce due to the severity of the hack job. The tech people traced the hackers back to–you guessed it, China.

Now, of course you don’t have to do as I do or do as I say! But if ISIS is running their news and threat campaigns almost entirely on social media, I think we would be wise to not post pictures of our beautiful and beloved children online. Again, that’s just me. Please make this a matter of prayer and ask our God what He would have you share on social media outlets. Your small posts may reach 200 people. What would Jesus have you say this year? How can you reach people through your media outlets?  Selah. (Think on these things!)

Are you looking for some encouragement in the coming year? There are a few people that I’m following and I’ll share those now:


  • GOD Reports–wonderful God stories of these last days, and most are written by my friend Mark Ellis.


Click to hear Anne share this message.



  • Voice of Hope Blogtalk Radio show for Chinese listeners is RAMPING UP! We started 11/11/11 and at times only had 11 listeners (downloads of the show) per week. Yikes! But we didn’t quit. We now have an average of 250 DOWNLOADS per DAY!! GLORY to God! And solar powered recorders were delivered in August which had our children’s shows and adult shows. Yahoo!! THANK YOU for your prayers!


  • Hope Editors has had their most successful year ever! We edit and ghostwrite for reputable book publishers and help new authors achieve their publishing dreams. I return to a large work load next Monday, and I am grateful for my team of professionals who deliver with excellence time and time again.


  • Downtime. I’ve created a pocket of downtime for myself these last two weeks of December. What a gift to give myself! I’ve discovered a TREASURE trove of great preachers, and I’ll get you started on each one right here, if you DARE to listen too!
  1. Healing: Lester Sumrall gave a huge seminar in the late 1980s and some kind soul posted all of the videos on You Tube. They are numbered 1,2,3, way up to 20 or more. Click here for message number 1 (If you don’t believe in healing, skip this or read the Bible or invest your faith in Obamacare).
  2. Faith for these Last Days: Carter Conlon, pastor of New York Times Square Church which was founded by Brother David Wilkerson. You can find his messages on You Tube (click here) and on the NYTSC website (click here).
  3. Eddie James WORSHIPS GOD! When Andrae Crouch died last January, I shed real tears. He is my hero in the arena of worship and songwriting. A few months ago I heard Eddie James and I immediately recognized that quality of pure devotion to Jesus. Listen to Let it Rain (written by Michael W. Smith and sung by Eddie) and click on other songs by Eddie on that same page. Revival in music!!

Now, it’s taken me along time to hyperlink all of these sites, but I do it because I really do care about you and I want you to have some direction and inspiration in the year ahead. Soak it up, put on the armor, and let’s go out there together and love the lost!

Speaking of the lost, ISIS is threatening to kill 200 more Christians. I’m sure you’ll join me in praying for those leaders of ISIS as well as the Christians who are held captive by them right now.

Yep, and here YOU are reading a blog called, “LIFT JESUS CROSS!”


“Jesus, I believe you died on the cross for me. I’m sorry for my sins. Please forgive me. Take away my guilt, shame, and all my fears. I believe you are the Son of God. I believe you will take me to heaven when I die. Amen.”

How did we get HERE?!!!

Only God knew the outrage that would come against the cross of Jesus when this post was started in 2011. All I know is that I entered into fasting and prayer in January and in June of 2011 and the Lord told me plainly, “LIFT UP the CROSS!”

Now I watch with sadness as many people are inflamed with hatred against Jesus Christ and make it a point to tear down His cross from church steeples and even crucify Christ followers on crosses. We’ve seen much change in the last four years.

And that leads me to the title of this blog: To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross.” Oh, my friend, that’s you! And that’s me!

I’ll leave you with this leader’s words:

. . . to Christians around the world and to the United States, “The protector of the Cross”:

“Convert to Islam and you will gain peace . . . more . . .



About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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8 Responses to To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross”

  1. Larry Who says:

    Thanks. God bless you this year.


  2. Billie Jo says:

    Great thoughts…I will definitely give pause to shared pics. I have been an open book…with intention but they may not be as wise as God would have me be. The ‘stewardship’ of my websites has been a pressing concern. I am investing more time in caring for those willing to visit! Love your encouragements. Blessed New Year to you!


    • I’m sure the Lord will show you His perfect way in pix. I really do LOVE the people who follow this blog. I interact with many people via email or text messages or in person, people who oftentimes don’t leave a comment here. It’s SO nice when someone DOES leave a comment. It lets me know they’re reading! Love to you, Billie Jo!


  3. Burma says:

    Bless you Hope in this New Year 2016, and to all that read and follow your blog. I don’t usually comment on sites except FB sometimes, but would like to add for those that read your blog.

    It is easy to be strong when there is nothing to be afraid of, but faith is tested in the furnace like refined gold. We don’t need to cower back from what we will face in the New Year. We all are here for a purpose. If God is for us, who can stand against us? If we withdraw, God will send someone else, but we will miss what He has in store for us. Stand strong people, know that God is with you and I, and that you are well able to face whatever comes your way in 2016. The world is a scary place right now, but as it says in Esther, And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?


    • Ooo, that’s good preaching, Burma girl! I FEEL the faith in your writing! When I was replying to Larry earlier, I kept getting this line in my heart: 2016 is the year for leaders to LEAD! Leading doesn’t always mean follow the person with the big mouth. Leading means doing the right thing whether the crowd is going that way or not. Leaders are doers, not just talkers. Obedience is the key. Oh, now I’m preaching . . . Happy New Year, Burma!


  4. Hey everyone, I just received an annual report from Word Press on how this blog did this year. Lift Jesus’ Cross had about 25,000 people who viewed it this year from 148 countries. Has me in tears. Saudi Arabia has 48 viewers? How is that possible? And India 452, Russia 94, and my beloved China only 6. Of course, the USA tops out at more than 15,000 views. Who’d have thought?

    Burma, if you keep preaching like this YOU should start a blog. If something you see here or in someone else’s FB or blog posts really helps you or touches you deeply, launch out and share it. If God is speaking to you, SAY IT on social media. If each of us lights a candle, we will no longer see only the darkness.


  5. OK the link for LESTER SUMRALL did not transfer. Sorry! Try this link to hear a 28 minute teaching video on healing: G:\My Documents\Blog Cross\2015\1. https:\\watch?v=QaW4A2BDB9k
    Let me know if you can’t get the link on a comment. I’ll have to repost it. But go to the You Tube page and type in his name, Lester Sumrall Healing. You’ll get there


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