My Song in the Night

Dearest friends, I wish to share a dream in which I sang with all my heart in church–from a pew in the back where no one but God was listening.

I woke up from the dream singing the most beautiful song, in a key much higher than I can normally sing. Let me back up a moment and set the stage.

The church had high arched ceilings inside. It looked like a cathedral where a prince and his bride would be married, with gold rafters and stained glass windows in the ceiling that cast a glistening glow upon the parishioners below.

I was one among many, seated in the back right hand side of the church.  I can’t remember the worship music or the speaker. I was keenly aware of sitting in that pew, in fellowship with God, my heart full because He had been so good to me. Church was suddenly over.  Closer to the middle and front of the church, people mingled. A pastor shook hands with a few of them. I couldn’t move.  I felt stuck to the pew until my heart overflowed to the point that I had to stand.  I stood and, even though church was officially over, I sang with all of my heart to God:

I thank you for the things You’ve done,

My Jesus, My Lord!

(Later I added):

I thank you for the things You’ve done,

My Jesus, My Lord!

I praise You with  Your creation,

My Jesus, My Lord!

The melody was incredible and I woke up in the presence of God.  Quickly, I grabbed my cell phone and ran into the bathroom, shut the door, and hit Voice Memo to record the song before it left my frontal lobes.

I am so thankful to God for all that He has done in my life. Perhaps you remember the blog about the Romans 8 tank?  Well, I’ve memorized all of Romans 8, Romans 12, And I’m working on Luke 12.  I’ve found the grace to do so.  I’m not bragging, I am boasting in the Lord and His AMAZING GRACE!  I still quote Romans 12 day after day after day.  There is no pit that this scripture cannot dig me out of!  There is no battle that Romans 12 has not won!  There is no closed door that it cannot open and no open door that it cannot shut!  HA!  What a sword we are given to swing, my brother and sister!

What about you? Are you sitting in the back row, too?  Do you find that people around you are milling about, “doing life”, while you sit there?  Do you have a song to sing, but no one has yet invited you on stage or handed you the microphone?  Oh, let me tell you, GOD hands you a microphone right now.  Lift your voice and THANK HIM for all He has done!  Your praise will echo in the courts of heaven and bring on the cheers of the saints watching us all in heaven’s grandstand.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.  Wow.  I’ve missed you all.


About Lift the Cross of Jesus!

My day job is writing--I'm an author and publisher of a number of books. More on that later. But there is nothing of greater importance to me than the early morning hours I spend with the Creator of the Universe. Although He knows everything there is to know, His greatest delight isn't to give us knowledge, but to give us love. My highest joy is to watch the sun rise with notebook in hand and write the words he speaks to my heart. I want to share some of those words with you here . . . words on the cross.
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12 Responses to My Song in the Night

  1. Scott says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Larry Who says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. In my past, I’ve memorized Romans 8 and Romans 12 also, but they aren’t stuck in place anymore. I am working on Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount) right now. May you and your family have a great holiday.

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  3. David Bella says:

    You remind me of early November 2002 when I was part of a vision tour group in China. We prayer walked Tiananmen Square. While I did that I also sang. (I don’t know how good I sounded, though.)

    Lance Latham, who started AWANA, required his workers to learn Romans. He allowed them to omit chapters 9-11 but encouraged them to learn them, also.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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    • David, I wish that I’d have seen Tianamen Square when I was in China. I did meet a student (when she fled to Pennsylvania) who was there when tanks rolled in. What a blessing to even go and to pray in that nation. Thanks for sharing.


  4. markssong says:

    That’s awesome.. I love it when that happens. I’ve had whole choirs singing new songs in my dreams or I’m singing a new song. I wake up and write down the words and put them on a pile with the rest of them. I sing them to an audience of one every now and then. Have a happy holiday season.

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  5. Oh, sweet Hope, what a gift that our Daddy has given you, to give you a song in the night during a season that could be depressing (going through the holidays without your mama). What a reminder that our God is good and beyond description, worthy of our praise! And that the audience of One is the best one ever!

    For those of us who lead worship or perform Christian music in front of people, it’s a great reminder to leave all of it and just sing our hearts out to Him! Yes, and amen!

    I already had you on my heart and had been praying for you, knowing you’d feel your mama’s absence. Look what our faithful God orchestrated for you, a dream specially made to lift your eyes to Him! I’m so happy!

    Love you forever!

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  6. Father loves you so much. I do, too!

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    • Becky, you certainly have a way of tracking with my heart, even though we are hundreds of miles apart! Thank you for your comforting words and thoughtful sentiments. I am missing her.

      THANKSGIVING DAY STORY! One year ago I turned in my old iphone for an andoid. What’s wild is that, due to my android phone suddenly crashing, I had to get a new iphone three weeks ago. I woke up Thanksgiving morning and a “memory” message was on my phone. It read, “Pick up. Mom fell.” One of my sisters contacted me a year ago. We had several such emergencies the last two years. Then iphone suddenly put together a musical photo collage and played it–featuring my mom. I didn’t know whether to be mad at this new phone or happy with it.

      I keep looking at my mom and dad’s wedding picture. Her face is all shiny and happy and Dad looks so proud of her. I know that today they are in heaven and probably look a lot like that wedding picture. I quoted this verse often to her last year after I helped her to bed and I turned off her bedroom light: Mom, remember, “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time is not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed IN US.”

      Bless you, Becky, for chiming in here! Much love to you, girl.


    • Thank you, dear Marlene. I keep imagining you and I doing a writers retreat together–the cozy kind in a cabin where it’s low key with time to write and mentor others. Hugs and love to you, dear friend.


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