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Remember what GOD DID in our lives . . . Continue reading

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Jesus’ Cross is Lifted Again in Iraq!

Friends, let’s REJOICE with the Christians in Iraq right now! The cross has been a flashpoint of war since ISIS invaded Iraq.  We will NEVER forget that the victory belongs to Jesus,  His cross, His blood, His name, and His power. Jesus’ … Continue reading

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To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross”

To the United States, “The Protector of the Cross” Those are the words an ISIS leader wrote in a message to Christians around the world and to the United States. But more on that later. First, I want to greet … Continue reading

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The Cross, my Coca Cola Kitchen, and the Pizza Delivery Guy

I saw the Coca Cola Kitchen in my mind’s eye the day we made the deal to buy our house. The carpeted dining room and large table would be replaced with shiny dark wooden floors and Coca Cola booths. The … Continue reading

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Our Daughter’s Prayer

I texted my 23-year-old Burmese daughter, Doi, last week right after I read the ASSIST News article titled BURMA:  Chin State Government Orders Removal of Cross, Elder Prosecuted.  Her reply to me has inspired this blog and my homemade map … Continue reading

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Hostile Toward the Cross

I’d like to share with you writing by my Australian friend and outstanding journalist for religious freedom, Elizabeth Kendal. More than a journalist, Elizabeth is an independent international religious liberty analyst and advocate. When I began reporting on religious persecution … Continue reading

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Tetrad Blood Moons of the 1900s

Eclipses are not unusual—there have been lunar eclipses and solar eclipses for millennia. However, when you have FOUR total blood moons back to back it’s called a tetrad. Scientists have documented tetrads for centuries and also predict when coming tetrads … Continue reading

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You Can’t Kill a Dead Man

I affirm, brethren, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily (I Corinthians 15, NASV).  “You can’t kill a dead man.” My friend and worship leader Steve Dodd used to tell me … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Christians Wear the Mark of the Cross

Have you ever wondered how you would respond if faced with persecution in the United States?  Under intense persecution in Egypt, Christians there have decided to lift up the cross of Jesus in a very unique way. My friend Kathie … Continue reading

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Honored to Help a Homeless Woman

Are you in the mood for a good story?  A true story?  I took my 3 teenagers to Sal Val Wednesday evening.  We had dentist appointments and pizza night lined up and they wanted to check out a few things … Continue reading

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