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One Day We Will Fly

Forgive me, Lord, for discontent   With gravity that keeps me bent, I want to know just where you went And when we will unite? For all creation groans with me Despairs its mediocrity And like your children, longs to be … Continue reading

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First Day of New England Spring

It seems too cold to think “Spring!”  But here we are entering my favorite season of the year.  Is anyone writing about spring?  Anyone taking pictures?  Please share!  Here’s what I got this morning: Patches green, Patches white, I can’t … Continue reading

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Tree of Life or Tree of Knowledge

There were two trees in the Garden of Eden.  There are two trees to choose from every day . . . and they seem clearest to me in the morning.  Please read the poem beneath the picture.     Pre-dawn … Continue reading

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A New Day Begins–A Poem

Today is a new day with no mistakes in it.  Hope is the expectation of future good.  It’s easier to see that hope when you go to the garden and watch . . .  listen . . . Woodpecker drills a … Continue reading

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Will He Love Me?

Just this morning Jesus heard your thoughts.  Go to the cross and talk to him.  He’ll meet you there.  This poem came to me just this morning . . . Will He Love Me? I see a cross lifted high on a hill … Continue reading

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The Cross in My Backyard

We have so many new followers on the blog that I want to share this story with you again for those who’ve not heard it.  You may be wondering, Why the cross? Two years ago, I was spending time with … Continue reading

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Time to Shine in Poetry!

Do you love poetry?  I do.  One thing I will never understand is why poetry doesn’t sell–at least that’s what publishers tell us.  I’ve only ever sold one poem for money and that was a sweet little poem for children … Continue reading

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